About us

The ClearScrap.com (Start-up India Recognized) is a product of ClearScrap. A technology-driven company working on a platform to make a Smart Waste Management system. Our staging helps to find and map estate that methodizes the collection of post-consumer waste, set up efficient & cost-effective pickups, and assimilate them into a Recycling/vendor network

Innovative Organisation
The ClearScrap is an new organisation providing the tact for people to sell their scrap online and user get paid for it. We provide the efforless way to people to sell your waste/scrap at their doorstep for offices, institutions, households and schools to dispose of their waste and further supply this waste to certified recycling centres, ensuring safety and sustainability.

Key Motive
We are providing a space for our customer to book an order by the call/message as well as from our website. We have  agents who arrive at your doorstep as per the  time booked. Our person will be come with  carry bags and an weighing machine to give the customer right weight as transparency is our key motive.

Solving loopholes
The ClearScrap enters into online Scrap market to organize the process related to Buy & Sell of waste from the customers online. As there are many loopholes in the existing scrap/waste system. We made a bigger impact in our flourishing waste management industry by forming our own team and join-venture with all the vendors to form a profitable chain management with a hassle-free online pick up pre-arrangement for our customers through a dedicated website or messages and calls & a vendor purposed mobility solution to crack down nerve free communication between customers and vendors where we have our dedicated team members to monitor all the web process for a smooth functioning.

Our Concern
Our  ClearScrap dedicated teamwork on the request and deliver the best service and solution for the request. Buying product online is simple, getting rid of them when it becomes useless/redundant/old is not. We provide the work for the same. We buy old products junk material. We clean house, apartment, city & world. Our concern is to take care of people and surrounding concern clean the environment surrounding the beings.

Our USP (Unique Selling Product)

  • Highest grade – In every part and within every transaction, Accurate weights – our Weighing balance are calibrated
  • Combative pricing and extant cashless/cash payment.
  • Knowledge of all recyclable the materials.
  • Will provide you unload quickly and simply, providing you neat containers.
  • Modern processing action capable of processing all level and forms of scrap assets.
  • Fast service & extant payment upon receipt/bills.
  • SECURITY: Our persons are verified by the police persons carrying an Identity cards at all times
  • TRANSPARENT & QUICK: Already decided time for collection; weighing machines for accurate weighing; fixed rates leave no scope for malpractice/bargaining.
  • CASHLESS TRANSACTION: known users can accumulate the monthly deals to encash later; annals with NGOs for scrap donation is also possible.
  • TRACKING WASTE: In the process of achieve a tracking system where you can track how and where your scrap/waste is disposed
  • There is no proper way to track calculated income from this field
  • Based on our ridge Government may be benefited by Tax generated on income.

Our Values

  • Environmental Sustainability: Our oactions reflect how we associate environmental sustainability into the work
  • Client service: We habe aim to give the best service to our clients, serving them consistently for their implied and stated needs
  • Innovation: We always want to push back the limits of knowledge, come upon new ways that are truly altered and surprising
  • Conducive working environment: Our Recycle the scrap/waste cycle offers an environment where persons have the opportunity to climb the career ladder and work in a synergetic place.
  • Employment opportunities: We have aim to develop employment career opportunities for the people which help in boosting the economic growth of the Nation.
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